A boat can be a very special part of a family’s memories and traditions. Thus it is very important to treat your boat with respect and care about it, not only in terms of frequent repairs etc but also in terms of keeping it in a good-looking and clean condition. Should one follow the 5 practices proposed below, then keeping your yacht in a good shape will become something easy and rewarding to do.

  1. First of all, it is wise to check the weather of the week before you schedule an external cleaning of your boat. Should the weather forecast suggest a deterioration of the weather in the coming days, then it might be better to postpone it for a few days, as it is extremely annoying to clean your car only to realize that the next day is raining heavily.
  2. Having a schedule can be crucially important in order to sustain your boat into prime shape in terms of looking great. Instead of spending time on this task whenever you remember, try to keep a specific day free for it, for example the first Sunday of the month. This way, you will have it on mind as something that must be done and you will manage to structure your routine in a way that fits it instead of it becoming a hassle that confuses your program.
  3. Getting help is another great way in order to be more motivated and save time in this process. Should you have a family then it is a great idea to ask for help from your spouse and/or children. This way not only will it become much faster as a process, but arguably it will be much more fun as doing tasks with company is almost always better.
  4. Respecting your boat every single day is also important in order to keep it in a prime shape. Remember that the less you litter in it and the less you drive in a way that can potentially dirty the exterior, then the less work there is to do once you start to clean it.
  5. The last and highly essential advice is to find motivation in order to keep your boat clean and good-looking. Most owners that have dirty and bad-looking boat do not lack the time, but usually the motivation for cleaning them. Learn to love your boat and want it to be always at a prime shape, in the way that you would want your house to be should you have guests. A clean boat reflects the personality of an owner that is organized, serious and above all clean.