Headlight Restoration Services in Northwest Arkansas

Your headlights may not always be the first thing that you think of when it comes to safe driving. However, headlight covers can age rapidly, limiting their functionality and degrading their appearance. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 7 out of 10 vehicles have oxidized headlights, poor visibility when driving is the leading cause of traffic accidents during the nighttime, hazy headlights can reduce the night vision of a driver by 50%, and oxidized headlights can decrease light projection by 75%. It is not only important to maintain the condition of your headlights for your safety but it is also smart financially. Headlight restoration can save you up to 93% compared to complete headlight replacement and it can increase your car’s resale value. Put your safety and your pockets first, and get your headlights restored by All Clean Auto Detailing Headlight Restoration.